Rare moment 30 hummingbirds gather in a bird bath for a pool party!

If you are a fan of birds, especially hummingbirds, you have come to the right place! The very special sight of these beautiful birds has thrilled many people around the world. Although hummingbirds are known as birds that are not as attached to their species as other birds, this video has gone viral on the Internet.
Hummingbirds do not help each other, nor do they keep together in large flocks to fight other birds or to get food more easily. Each one is a special individual in their own world, and even though they are the smallest birds in the world, they are very capable of getting along and surviving on their own.

This incredible video shows us 30 hummingbirds hanging out:

The source for this video is YouTube/wildwingsla.
In this very unusual video, you can see a group of 30 hummingbirds swimming peacefully and enjoying it very much! This particular environment gathered these beautiful birds in one place. After bathing, each bird flew in its own direction and life took its course.
Each hummingbird bathed in its own way, you can see the full spectrum of different characters in this video, some are playful while others are calm and relaxed, impressive, isn’t it?!

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