Queen Camilla “outraged” after Prince Harry’s visit to see his father for “loving son PR stunt”, claims source

Amid swirling reports, Queen Camilla’s alleged discontent with Prince Harry’s sudden return to the UK following news of his father’s cancer diagnosis has sparked a new wave of speculation within royal circles. Sources suggest that palace protocols were bypassed, prompting tensions between Camilla and her stepson Harry to escalate.

According to claims sourced from RadarOnline and the National Enquirer, the swift return of Prince Harry from the US, reportedly at the behest of Prince Charles, did not unfold as smoothly as anticipated. Instead of fostering a harmonious family reunion, Harry’s meeting with his father was reportedly brief, with Charles swiftly departing by helicopter to Sandringham, leaving Harry behind.

While the details of their conversation remain veiled in secrecy, as does the stage of Charles’ cancer treatment, Harry’s spontaneous visit reportedly rubbed some members of the royal family the wrong way. Speculation mounts that Prince William had no intention of interacting with his younger brother during his visit, further adding to the purported tension within the family.

Allegedly, Queen Camilla was particularly irked by Harry’s failure to seek prior palace approval for his visit and was taken aback by his demeanor upon arrival. Rumors suggest that Harry even requested Camilla’s absence during his conversation with Charles, a move that reportedly fueled Camilla’s fury.

Years of strained relations between Harry and Camilla, stemming from Harry’s belief that Camilla played a role in the dissolution of Charles’ marriage to Princess Diana, allegedly reached a boiling point. While Camilla has weathered Harry’s criticisms in the past, his recent actions, perceived by some as exploiting his father’s illness for public relations purposes, reportedly pushed Camilla to voice her displeasure unequivocally.

The reported confrontation saw Camilla admonishing Harry, branding him a disgrace to his father, the royal family, and the monarchy, and making it clear that his presence was unwelcome.

What are your thoughts on the alleged tension between Queen Camilla and Prince Harry?

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