Queen Camilla has announced a temporary break from her royal duties following the news of King Charles’ cancer diagnosis, adding to the recent reduction in the number of working royals.

As Prince Harry and Meghan stepped back from their royal roles and Prince Andrew became estranged from the family, the royal roster has seen a notable decrease in active members. Now, with Kate Middleton recovering from a planned abdominal surgery and King Charles undergoing cancer treatments, both individuals have had to take a step back from their public duties.

While Kate is anticipated to resume her royal engagements after Easter, King Charles divides his time between London for treatments and Sandringham. During their absence, other members of the royal family have stepped in to fulfill their responsibilities.

Queen Camilla, in particular, has shouldered additional responsibilities in recent weeks, including leading the royal family at the memorial service for King Constantine of Greece. However, the Palace has confirmed that she will be taking a week-long break to recharge.

Expected to return to her regular duties on March 11, Queen Camilla will spend her time off with her husband and other family members. Meanwhile, King Charles’ cancer diagnosis, following surgery for an enlarged prostate, has led to an outpouring of support and well-wishes from the public.

Both the Palace and the King himself have expressed gratitude for the concern and support received during this challenging time. As for Kate Middleton, the Palace has emphasized the seriousness of her condition, reassuring the public that updates will only be provided when significant developments occur.

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