Proud crocodile father gives a piggyback ride to over 100 of his children

Meet Dhritiman Mukherjee, a dedicated photographer who has devoted his life to the cause of animal protection. With two decades and 280 days spent in the field each year, it’s evident that his journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

Among the myriad extraordinary moments he has experienced, one stands out as particularly awe-inspiring. Captured through Mukherjee’s lens is a poignant scene featuring an endangered gharial crocodile tenderly ferrying its offspring through the shimmering waters.

The gharial crocodile, a creature of considerable size, holds the distinction of being the largest living crocodilian species. However, it is also a species teetering on the brink of extinction, its population dwindling significantly over the past century.

This photograph encapsulates a moment of profound significance. In this single frame, a father gharial crocodile defies the odds to ensure the survival of his species, a species that now counts fewer than a thousand individuals.

According to Mukherjee, this exceptional crocodile engaged in amorous encounters with no less than seven or eight females, demonstrating the urgency of the situation. The need for the species to proliferate is undeniably pressing.

What makes this spectacle all the more remarkable is the unconventional method employed by this protective parent. Unlike most crocodiles that transport their young within their formidable jaws, this gharial crocodile has had to adapt due to its distinct snout, making the usual mode of transport unfeasible.

Hence, the father resorts to a unique approach, cradling its precious cargo gently on its back, ensuring their safety. A testament to the lengths to which nature will go to preserve its progeny.

Mukherjee’s lens captures not just a visually striking image but a stirring narrative of resilience, adaptability, and the innate drive to protect the next generation. The devotion of this father to his offspring serves as a powerful symbol of the delicate balance between life and extinction in the natural world.

In sum, this photograph immortalizes a moment that transcends the ordinary, offering us a glimpse into the extraordinary efforts made by a gharial crocodile to secure the legacy of its species. Truly, a captivating and heartwarming sight for all who encounter it.

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