Paris Jackson says she feels dad Michael Jackson “with me all the time”

Paris Jackson, a 24-year-old who has been a star since childhood, is making headlines for her individuality and resilience. As the second child of the legendary musician Michael Jackson, Paris has navigated challenges since her father’s passing.

Despite life’s ups and downs, she is now carving her own path in the world of music.

The 77-year-old “King of Pop” left an indelible mark on the world, facing domestic challenges early in life as part of the Jackson Five. However, his legacy lives on through his timeless music, dance, and songwriting masterpieces.

Paris, born on April 3, 1998, emerged from a childhood carefully shielded from the public eye, raised alongside her siblings on the Neverland Ranch.

In an interview with supermodel Naomi Campbell, Paris reflected on her upbringing, emphasizing her father’s efforts to provide a cultured and well-rounded education.

She spoke of a childhood spent touring the world with Michael, witnessing diverse cultures and realities.

Despite immense wealth, life on Neverland Ranch was far from ordinary. Paris acknowledged the importance her father placed on hard work and earning one’s accomplishments, instilling values that transcended entitlement.

Tragedy struck on June 25, 2009, when Michael Jackson suffered a heart arrest and passed away. Paris, then just 11, delivered a touching tribute at his televised funeral, marking a rare public appearance for Jackson’s children.

In the aftermath, Paris, along with her brothers, found themselves in the legal custody of their grandmother, Katherine Jackson.

Paris faced the challenges of loss and sudden public scrutiny but continued to honor her father’s memory.

She opened up about Michael’s qualities as a father, emphasizing his normalcy and culinary talents during an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Transitioning to life after Neverland, Paris relocated to a mansion in Calabasas, California, with her family. At 19, she transformed Michael Jackson’s private studio into her dorm-style bedroom.

In addition to dealing with the loss of her father, Paris grappled with the expectation of carrying on his legacy.

After graduating high school in 2015, Paris entered the world of modeling, gracing the covers of influential magazines.

Her modeling career served as a therapeutic escape from self-esteem issues, allowing her to focus on the photographer’s instructions and feel a sense of accomplishment.

In 2020, Paris released her debut album, “Wilted,” exploring indie folk rather than replicating her father’s R&B and pop style. The album delves into themes of heartbreak and love, showcasing Paris’s unique musical identity.

With more than 50 tattoos, nine dedicated to Michael Jackson, Paris pays homage to her father. She acknowledges the pain of losing him but lives with the mentality of having faced the most significant loss, making subsequent challenges more manageable.

Paris’s journey reflects a brave woman embracing her individuality and resilience in the face of immense public scrutiny. As she pursues her passion in music, we wish Paris Jackson the best on her unique and inspiring path.

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