Paparazzi captured 56-year-old Julia Roberts on a cruise! Fans were not thrilled with the simple outfit of the actress!

Remarkably, Julia Roberts celebrated her 56th birthday this year.

Despite her illustrious career, the actress candidly confesses to feeling out of place at high-profile events and maintains a private lifestyle away from the spotlight.

Even when gracing the red carpet, Roberts continues to exhibit a sense of unease, visibly discomforted by the relentless flashes of numerous cameras capturing her every move.

In a recent turn of events, the star embarked on a cruise to Australia, only to find herself once again in the crosshairs of persistent paparazzi.

Clad in shorts and an oversized T-shirt, the Hollywood luminary seemed almost unrecognizable in her casual attire.

A baseball cap and a nonchalant braid completed her look, with sunglasses adding a touch of mystery. Fans of the celebrity were taken aback by the sight of their beloved actress adopting such an ordinary appearance, with some expressing reservations about her seemingly excessive thinness.

The online community is buzzing with opinions—what’s your take on Julia Roberts’ recent look? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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