Orphaned raccoon lives with dogs, thinks she’s one of them

A raccoon orphaned in 2020 found an unexpected home with Rosie Kemp and her daughter Laura in Nassau after falling from a tree and breaking its leg. They named the little raccoon Pumpkin and took him in to nurse him back to health.

Adjusting quickly to his new surroundings, Pumpkin soon met the other members of the household, including two dogs who had also been rescued by the family. Forming an instant bond, Pumpkin and the dogs became inseparable, constantly socializing and playing together.

According to Laura, Pumpkin follows his dog friends everywhere and never likes to be apart from them for long. As Pumpkin grew stronger, he demonstrated his desire to be a part of the pack, eagerly joining in on their activities while also respecting their boundaries.

Observing Pumpkin’s behavior, Laura noted that he mimics the dogs’ actions and has adopted some of their habits, leading her to believe that Pumpkin sees himself as part of the canine family. Despite being a raccoon, Pumpkin displays remarkable intelligence and sensitivity, understanding and expressing emotions in ways that surprise and delight his human companions.

While caring for Pumpkin requires dedication and effort, the joy and companionship he brings to the household make it all worthwhile. Laura is constantly amazed by Pumpkin’s antics and the genuine connection they share, proving that love knows no bounds, even among different species.

In addition to his playful antics and charming personality, Pumpkin’s integration into the family dynamic has been seamless. He not only enjoys the company of the dogs but also reciprocates their affection, creating a harmonious and loving environment within the household.

Despite his wild origins, Pumpkin has adapted well to domestic life, displaying a level of intelligence and adaptability that continues to astound his human caregivers. From learning tricks to understanding commands, Pumpkin has proven himself to be a quick learner, eager to participate in activities with his canine companions.

As Pumpkin grows and matures, his bond with the dogs and his human family only strengthens, demonstrating the profound impact of love and companionship on all creatures, regardless of their species. Through their shared experiences and mutual affection, Pumpkin has found his place in the world, embraced as a beloved member of the family.

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