Old house from 1887 was about to collapse – but check it out now

For an extended period, onlookers could only witness the gradual decay of an extraordinary residence in York, Pennsylvania. The walls, doors, and windows succumbed to deterioration, giving the impression that a collapse could occur at any moment.

Constructed in 1887, this house stands as a splendid example of Queen Anne-style architecture, named after the 18th-century English ruler, Queen Anne. The style is renowned for its association with old-world elegance, opulence, and intricate detailing. Queen Anne-style houses are characterized by asymmetry, adorned facades, and multiple stories.

Boasting five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and intricate brickwork, the house at 505 Linden Ave in York, PA, held a unique charm. Unfortunately, neglect allowed it to languish in disrepair, until one individual recognized its potential and the significance of preserving its architectural heritage.

Witness the stunning transformation below:


It’s truly astonishing – the 2,879-square-foot house now exudes an entirely different aura! Meticulously restored, the entire structure is adorned with inviting shades of olive green, terracotta red, and gold.

When the refurbished house hit the market, images of its revitalized state went viral, sparking widespread interest. Initially licensed as a bed and breakfast, the property could also serve as a family home, in line with its possible original purpose.

Though no longer available for sale, its estimated value, according to Trulia, stands at $332,900. The thought of residing in such a picturesque dwelling is undoubtedly enticing.

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