Octopus escapes aquarium through 160-foot drainpipe into the sea!

The escape of this octopus is really more than impressive! An octopus named Inky has escaped from a national park in New Zealand.

The safety of animals in parks and zoos should be a top priority for anyone working in such places. However, someone has failed in their job. This octopus has also taken advantage of this failure. It seems that it just wanted its freedom at any cost!

One of the national park officials had not tightly closed the spot where Inky was, so she took advantage of a moment of inattention and ran away. In the picture you can see the hole through which she slipped:

The ability of the octopus body to adapt to such a small opening and squeeze through is truly amazing. Inky used his body’s ability to squeeze through a tight space to reach freedom.

Now that Inky is finally free, we believe he has found his happiness somewhere in the depths of the sea.

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