My Daughter Chose Her Rich Dad over Me, Now Asks Me to Take Her Back as He Kicked Her Out

Turning to the Reddit community for advice, a mother recounted her challenging relationship with her daughter, Maria. The mother had faced financial difficulties after her divorce, while Maria’s father provided a lavish lifestyle. After years of strained ties, Maria, now 21, approached her mother for help following her father’s decision to kick her out.

The backstory revealed a stark contrast in parenting styles. The mother, grappling with financial constraints, opted for a more frugal approach, while Maria’s father indulged her with material possessions. This difference fueled tension in their relationship, leading Maria to choose her father’s affluent lifestyle over her mother’s more modest one.

At 17, Maria left her mother’s home permanently, causing a rift that persisted until Maria found herself in need at 21. The mother, open to reconciliation but cautious, laid out conditions for Maria’s return.

These conditions included completing her GED, working 25 or more hours per week, pursuing education for career planning, handling personal expenses, and sharing in household chores. However, rent was exempted from Maria’s responsibilities.

Maria’s reaction to these conditions was hostile. She labeled her mother as crazy and a horrible parent, ultimately storming out of their conversation. Seeking insights from the Reddit community, the mother received a mix of opinions. Some sympathized with her, asserting that Maria seemed unwilling to mend the relationship and was looking to exploit her mother. Others found the conditions reasonable, considering Maria’s adult age and the potential benefits for her future.

The central question posed to the online community was whether the mother was justified in setting these conditions for her daughter’s return, given the circumstances of her father’s actions and Maria’s subsequent plea for help. Opinions varied, highlighting the complex nature of family dynamics and the challenges of reconciling after years of estrangement.

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