Moose and her calves spend whole day in family’s backyard, man documents it

On an otherwise uneventful day in Anchorage, Alaska, Ryan Ryndstrom was treated to a delightful surprise right outside his doorstep. What he witnessed was nothing short of extraordinary—a mother moose accompanied by her two adorable calves.

The trio seemed to have taken a liking to Ryan’s yard, and they decided to make it their haven for the entire day. Ryan, recognizing the uniqueness of the moment, promptly recorded the enchanting scenes that unfolded.

Their day began with a thorough exploration of their surroundings, a careful inspection of the yard’s every nook and cranny. Once they had satisfied their curiosity, they settled back onto the lush grass, occasionally taking a well-deserved break.

As time passed, the mother moose thoughtfully brought her little ones a meal, ensuring their sustenance during their extended visit. From the early hours of 9 a.m. to the serene evening at 7 p.m., this charming moose family was firmly rooted in Ryan’s backyard, a spectacle of wildlife that he lovingly documented for all to enjoy.

Ryan shared his captivating experience with Bored Panda, mentioning that he initially took photographs of the moose with a whimsical paper figure named Flat Stanley, and then without. Regrettably, he had to head to work, convinced that the moose family would have moved on by the time he returned. Yet, they defied his expectations, remaining steadfast in their chosen haven throughout the day.

For Ryan, this unexpected encounter provided a refreshing diversion from his usual work of editing concert recordings for the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra, allowing him to observe these majestic creatures from the comfort of his workspace.

While they lounged in the yard, the moose often shifted positions to find the perfect spot, their movements carefully tracked and recorded by Ryan. Most of the time, they seemed oblivious to his presence, although their ears perked up, indicating their alertness.

Though they briefly ventured around the neighborhood at one point, they returned to the yard they had grown fond of. The mother moose, Ryan noticed, appeared to be experiencing some difficulty breathing during the early morning hours, possibly necessitating a prolonged rest on the grass.

Among the playful antics of the moose family, one of the calves innocently knocked over some flowers, feigning innocence in response. Their time in the yard was a mix of relaxation and curiosity, with the calves, like typical youngsters, eagerly exploring their surroundings.

One kind neighbor even participated in the day’s events, intermittently toggling the yard’s lights to discourage a curious calf from nibbling on a light bulb, fearing it might harm her.

The mother moose, in the meantime, relished feasting on the yard’s flowers and leaves, savoring her own unique menu. Another cow and calf pair passed through the yard in the evening, yet Ryan’s camera remained steadfastly focused on the enchanting moose family that had captivated his day.

At one point, the yard became a bustling thoroughfare as two cows and four calves hurried past the house, adding an extra layer of excitement to an already eventful day.

The credit for these awe-inspiring photographs goes to Rolands Rydstrom, whose lens captured this unexpected and heartwarming communion with nature right in the heart of Anchorage, Alaska.

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