Mom fights for son, 8, to keep his long hair despite schools rejecting him

A potential hindrance to quality education looms for 8-year-old Farouk James due to stringent school regulations that demand a haircut for attendance. These rules, often perceived as unreasonable by both children and parents, restrict students from expressing their uniqueness and standing out.

Such regulations risk stifling creativity, compelling youngsters to conform rather than think outside the box.


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Young Londoner Farouk James has faced rejection from multiple schools due to his long hair, despite receiving modeling offers and gaining attention for his impressive mane. His mother, Bonnie Miller, shares that the family adhered to a three-year tradition of not cutting James’ hair, rooted in his Ghanaian heritage.

Despite this, the young boy developed an attachment to his beautiful locks.

Bonnie contends that UK schools, permitting girls to have long hair while restricting boys, violate children’s human rights. She advocates for legislative changes and started a petition on to combat hair prejudice in the United Kingdom. Calling their cause the Mane Generation, Bonnie emphasizes a global fight for change.


Despite managing Farouk’s Instagram account, which boasts a quarter of a million followers, Bonnie faces criticism for their stance.

Hateful comments followed their appearance on the U.K.’s This Morning, prompting Bonnie to address mental health concerns and assert Farouk’s right to his hair as an integral part of his identity.


Pogledajte ovu objavu na Instagramu.


Objavu dijeli faroukjames (@faroukjames)

Bonnie challenges schools that ban locks and dreadlocks on the grounds of racism, asserting that her son’s hair is a crucial aspect of his identity. In her quest for change, she believes many school regulations need to be reevaluated and abolished.

To support this cause, Bonnie urges readers to SHARE this article on Facebook, emphasizing the importance of challenging outdated rules and advocating for the rights of children like Farouk James.

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