Michael Jackson’s son, known as Biggie Blanket Jackson, has resurfaced in public after years of seclusion from the spotlight, during which he grappled with past traumas.

Recently, paparazzi captured rare images of Biggie Jackson strolling the streets of Los Angeles. Adorned in a casual ensemble of shorts and a Star Wars T-shirt, with his hair flowing freely, Biggie seemed less than thrilled by the unexpected attention from photographers, swiftly disappearing from view.

This outing marked only his second public appearance in years. The previous occasion occurred just a month ago at the Santa Monica Film Festival, where a short film titled “Rochelles” premiered. Biggie had contributed to the project’s screenplay and direction, a creative endeavor of which his late father would have undoubtedly been proud.

What’s intriguing is that Biggie’s involvement in filmmaking remained largely unknown until these recent events. He has maintained a low profile, with his sole public passion seemingly centered around environmental conservation, as revealed in a rare interview back in 2021.

Biggie, also known as Prince Michael Jackson II, withdrew from public life following his father’s untimely demise in 2009 when he was just 7 years old. Raised primarily by his grandmother Catherine, along with his siblings, he now resides in an upscale neighborhood in Calabasas, California, where his neighbor is none other than John Travolta.

Expressing aspirations of becoming a director, Biggie has already dabbled in filmmaking, crafting short films in the comfort of his home with relatives and friends. Reflecting on his dreams, he once shared in the documentary “Jacksonology: Our Story”: “Dad said it’s good to follow what I want to do.”

Notoriously shielded from the public eye during childhood, Biggie, along with his siblings, frequently wore masks to preserve their anonymity, a measure enacted by Michael Jackson to afford them a semblance of normalcy.

Born via a surrogate mother whose identity remains undisclosed, Biggie revealed in 2017 that he endured years of bullying due to the circumstances of his birth. Despite the challenges he faced, Biggie is gradually reclaiming his place in the public sphere, carving his own path away from the shadows of his famous lineage.

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