Mama horse gets badly entangled & falls, foal panics as he sees tide approaching

Adversity spares no one, not even our fellow animals. In a poignant incident, a mare faced a mishap while frolicking around the Loughor estuary, her precious foal in tow. This wetland oasis is nestled in the heart of South Wales, specifically in the stunning Gower region.

During her spirited escapade, an unfortunate turn of events transpired as the mare stumbled to the ground. The unexpected cause of her fall was a tangle between her flowing mane and her own hoof, leaving her immobilized and unable to continue her gallop.

In a touching display of resilience, the mare valiantly attempted to extricate herself from this predicament, but her efforts were in vain. Her distraught foal witnessed the entire ordeal, adding a layer of heartache to the already dire situation as it vocalized its distress, seeking help in its innocent desperation.

To compound the urgency, the encroaching tide posed an imminent threat to their location. It was a perilous moment.

Fortunately, a team from the RSPCA swiftly arrived on the scene to rescue the stranded mare. Despite their best efforts, she remained incapacitated, her ordeal having sapped her strength to a critical degree. It took time and care for her to regain her composure after enduring such a harrowing experience.

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