Kristina’s 338kg Transformation: Unrecognizable Today! Doctors Removed 20kg of Fat from Her Legs, Resulting in 260kg Weight Loss – What a Victory!

Witness the incredible journey of the girl once dubbed the world’s heaviest! Is this the most remarkable transformation ever? Kristina Phillips serves as an unparalleled source of inspiration for individuals struggling with obesity. Once weighing 338 kilograms, she defied the odds to shed a staggering 260 kilograms! Consuming a daily intake of approximately 7,000 calories, she couldn’t bear to look at herself in the mirror. Yet, now she proudly reveals the stunning beauty that was always within her.


Source: Youtube/TLC/Printscreen

Her transformation captivated the globe’s attention. Seeking help in her twenties, doctors informed her that such a massive fat reduction could only be achieved through surgical means. To qualify for the operation, she needed to lose weight. Her journey began in 2014, when she shed 243 kilograms. However, gastric surgery alone proved insufficient, prompting the need for fat removal from specific body areas. Twenty kilograms of fat were extracted from each leg. Today, Kristina weighs a mere 83 kilograms! Many still struggle to reconcile her current appearance with her former self.

Source: Youtube/TLC/Printscreen

Following her weight loss journey, Kristina embraced motherhood, declaring victory over her former self. “Every time the scale showed a gain, I would stop eating for days. I feared being confined to my home and unable to live normally,” Kristina candidly confessed. “Previously, I couldn’t walk without getting out of breath after a few steps. Now, I feel amazing and capable of almost anything, which is pretty incredible,” she added.

Source: Youtube/TLC/Printscreen

Throughout her transformation, she lacked support from her husband, leading to constant arguments and heightened anxiety. “I realized it was my battle alone, and I couldn’t rely on him,” reflected Kristina, who ultimately divorced, deeming it the best decision she ever made.

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