Kevin Costner, 67, has found love again after a difficult divorce – and you might know her

It appears that Kevin Costner has embarked on a new chapter in his love life, emerging from the shadows of a painful divorce with his long-time wife, Christine Baumgartner, just a few months ago.

Rumors are swirling that the renowned Yellowstone actor has found companionship in none other than the talented singer Jewel. The pair was recently spotted together at a tennis event on Richard Branson’s Necker Island, supporting the Inspiring Children Foundation.

According to sources, the couple jetted off to the Caribbean, immersing themselves in a week-long getaway. This development follows the turbulence of Costner’s recent divorce proceedings with Baumgartner, adding a refreshing twist to his personal narrative.

Costner was reportedly taken aback when his wife filed for divorce in May of this year, citing “irreconcilable differences” after their eighteen-year union. The aftermath of this decision set off a chain of unfortunate events.

In response to the divorce filing, a representative for Costner released a statement expressing regret and emphasizing the need for privacy during this challenging time for Costner, Christine, and their three children.

The divorce took a contentious turn as Baumgartner filed a lawsuit, leading to a heated dispute. Following the terms of their prenuptial agreement, she left the family home, while Costner was ordered to pay a substantial monthly sum of $63,209 in child support.

Despite the tumultuous journey Costner has endured, recent reports suggest that there might be a silver lining in the form of a newfound romance with US singer Jewel. Their shared excursion to the Caribbean has sparked speculation, with witnesses noting a certain undeniable chemistry between them.

TMZ claims that Jewel and Costner returned from their trip together, and sources suggest that Jewel, known for her discerning taste, sees Costner as fitting the bill of a “good man.” Social media activity also adds fuel to the rumor mill, as Jewel mentioned Costner in connection to the tennis fundraiser on Necker Island, expressing gratitude for his involvement.


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In the midst of sorrow, uncertainty, and the stress of a publicized divorce, it seems that Costner may have found solace and a potential new beginning with Jewel. Only time will unveil the true nature of this blossoming connection.

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