Jason Aldean praises American values at concert after “long week” of backlash to video: “I love my country”

Jason Aldean addressed the recent controversy surrounding his latest hit “Try That in a Small Town” with candor and humor during a concert, following a tumultuous week of backlash triggered by the song’s music video release. In candid moments captured on social media, Aldean joked about the lengthy and eventful week, acknowledging the diverse array of opinions directed his way.

Amidst the criticism, Aldean made it clear that the song celebrates the resilience and unity found in small-town America, dismissing any suggestion of racial undertones. Speaking to a live audience at the Riverbend Music Center, Aldean reaffirmed his love for his country, family, and the values he holds dear, standing firm in his beliefs amidst the controversy.

As chants of “USA” resonated through the crowd, Aldean’s wife, Brittany, shared backstage moments portraying their family’s solidarity amid the storm.

Despite the song’s removal from CMT rotation, Aldean and Brittany remained unwavering in their stance, unwaveringly advocating for their truth amidst the cacophony of public opinion.

“Try That in a Small Town” draws inspiration from Aldean’s own upbringing, reflecting his nostalgia for the close-knit community spirit that transcends differences for the greater good.

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