Instead of throwing away an ugly miserable commode, the girl turned it into a modern piece of furniture

A young woman stumbled upon a seemingly “ugly” and dilapidated dresser, recognizing its untapped potential as the perfect addition to her home decor.

Undeterred by its current state, she embarked on the transformation journey, armed with Fairy and a metal sponge to remove the worn-out coating.

Given that the plywood and pine weren’t particularly valuable, and some drawers were missing, she opted to elevate the dresser through a fresh coat of paint.

Her vision for the piece evolved into a stylish shoe rack. The renovation process kicked off with meticulous sanding to address wood defects and thorough degreasing of the surface.

The painting phase commenced, with the interior shelves receiving a vibrant color leftover from a previous shoe rack project.

Despite the paint being labeled as acrylic enamel, its application resembled alkyd—thick and fragrant, yet it flawlessly covered the dresser’s surface.

In a creative twist to address the missing drawers, she ingeniously decided to fashion doors using materials sourced from the local market.

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