Incredibly, a German Shepherd was found alive after being lost in the Pacific Ocean for five weeks (VIDEO)

A German Shepherd’s incredible survival story unfolds off the coast of San Diego, California, near the San Clemente Island. Luna, the dog in question, seemingly vanished into the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean after a mishap aboard a fisherman’s vessel, leaving her owner, Nick Haworth, fearing the worst. However, against all odds, Luna reemerged alive and well after an astounding five weeks.

Nick and Luna were inseparable companions aboard the ship when tragedy struck. Luna accidentally tumbled overboard, plunging into the ocean’s depths. Despite Nick’s valiant efforts to locate her in the water and the Navy’s extensive search on the island’s shores, Luna remained elusive.

Sandy Demunnik, representing the Naval Base Coronado, shared Nick’s belief that Luna, known for her strong swimming abilities, would swiftly make her way to land. However, the darkness of the ocean made her retrieval a daunting task.

Miraculously, over a month later, Luna resurfaced on San Clemente Island, capturing the attention of all who encountered her. Amidst strict regulations barring domestic animals from the island for ecological reasons, Luna’s unexpected appearance puzzled onlookers. Responding to calls from the crew, Luna eagerly returned, her tail wagging in delight.

Sandy recounted Luna’s roadside sighting, a sight both heartwarming and perplexing given the island’s regulations. Luna’s survival strategy likely involved swimming ashore and subsisting on a diet of mice, according to speculation. Following a thorough examination by a biologist from the San Diego Zoo, Luna was declared healthy, albeit slightly undernourished, much to Nick’s immense relief.

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