In a surprising turn of events, Ines made a bold move by exchanging her handsome 40-year-old husband for a 60-year-old one! While many may raise their eyebrows at her decision, others can’t help but envy her seemingly fortunate circumstance.

Brad Pitt’s girlfriend, Ines de Ramon, exudes confidence and style as she goes about her day in Santa Monica. The 31-year-old jewelry designer showcased her fashion prowess in a casual yet chic ensemble, donning a dark gray sweater paired with faded vintage-style jeans. Completing her look with brown suede cowboy boots and a gray shoulder bag, Ines exuded effortless elegance. Shielding her eyes behind stylish sunglasses, she juggled a cardboard cup of coffee and her mobile phone with ease.

Having recently finalized her divorce from actor Paul Wesley, Ines embarked on a new chapter in her romantic life by dating the Oscar-winning actor Brad Pitt since November 2022.

Meanwhile, amidst her personal endeavors, Brad Pitt’s legal battles with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie continue to make headlines. The recent court victory securing control of the French vineyard he co-owned with Angelina underscores the complexities of their ongoing dispute over the Miraval estate, renowned for its award-winning sparkling rosé.

Despite her high-profile relationship with Brad Pitt, reports suggest that Ines prefers to maintain a distance from Brad’s children, often opting to step aside when they are around. This preference was evident as she was photographed taking her leave in such situations.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon have chosen not to cohabit at this time, with no immediate plans for such an arrangement, according to reports.

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