“I LEARNED THAT AS A WAITER!” Everyone in the NBA is talking about Dončić’s craziest basket of the season! (VIDEO)

Luka Dončić is really a master of “trick” shots and he showed it the night before. Luka Dončić plays like in a trance this season and it is no longer a surprise when he scores a huge number of points. Thus, the previous night in Dallas’ victory in the “Texas” derby against Houston (125:107), Dončić scored 47 points, and had 12 rebounds and seven assists. He made as many as nine three-pointers and literally did whatever he wanted on the floor.

It is interesting that Dončić started strong already in the first quarter, for the sixth time this season he scored 20+ points, i.e. he had 22 with eight more rebounds… By halftime, he had transferred his season’s average (33.3 points), and at the start in the third quarter, he managed to score a basket that made everyone “rub” their eyes.

It was a floater from practically the three-point line, as if it was the easiest thing in the world and as if he had already done it a million times. a match in which he only increased his chances for the MVP award, but neither did Nikola Jokić, so the night before he recorded a new brutal triple-double performance for Denver.

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