Heartbroken cat spends year living by dead owner’s grave

A full year has passed since the passing of this remarkably devoted cat’s owner, and it has become evident just how deep her affection for him runs. In Indonesia, she has made her home by her late owner’s grave throughout this time.

A young man named Keli, who was present when he heard the mournful cries of the cat, decided to extend a helping hand. He brought the cat to his own residence, hoping to provide her with a more comfortable and secure environment.

Nevertheless, the following day brought an all too familiar sight. The small, unfortunate feline had returned to her accustomed place, right beside her owner’s grave. It was soon discovered that the cat had been steadfastly keeping vigil there for a year.

There was but one situation in which the cat could be persuaded to leave the grave, and that was to partake in nourishment at the home of her late owner’s children. Locals in the vicinity also frequently provided food, and some individuals were resolved to protect and adopt her, even though she seemed reticent to oblige.

Yet, each time they transported her elsewhere, she invariably found her way back to her eternal resting place beside her owner’s grave.

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