He received a call from his parents informing him that they would send him a package

Sending care packages filled with delicious treats to college-bound students is a tradition cherished by parents across various modes of transportation, be it by coach, minibus, or train.

While these gestures are typically a source of joy, one college freshman learned firsthand that parents can be mischievous on occasion.

Embarking on his first year of college in Bucharest, the young student had recently settled into his new residence hall when he received a call from his parents, who promised to deliver a special package.

Excitement filled the air as he eagerly made his way to the train station to collect the awaited surprise.

Upon reaching the station, he spotted a sizable box bearing his name and wasted no time retrieving it. However, his anticipation turned to bewilderment when he opened the package, only to find no delectable treats but a collection of trash and wrappers.

Perplexed, he initially couldn’t fathom the prank played on him. It was only after discovering a note inside that the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

The note revealed a cheeky message, pointing out that he had neglected to tidy up his room before departing. The instruction was clear: “Please take away the trash.”

The young man, having learned his lesson and able to appreciate the humor in the practical joke, shared the entire incident on his Facebook page.

The post quickly gained traction, garnering thousands of likes and comments, swiftly becoming a viral sensation.

The college freshman’s experience served as a reminder that even in the excitement of receiving care packages, a dash of parental mischief can add an unexpected twist to the college adventure.

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