He made a house of only 89 squares, but wait until you see the inside

Meet Luke Thiull, a remarkable 13-year-old who defies the typical teenage stereotype. While most kids his age are preoccupied with gadgets and games, Luke, hailing from Iowa, stands out as a unique school-going child with an extraordinary passion for construction.

In the backyard of his parents’ home, Luke has transformed a vision into reality—an awe-inspiring personal haven that he built himself. Costing approximately $1,500 USD, this dream house showcases Luke’s exceptional talents. Join us for an exclusive tour of this remarkable project!

Facebook/Luke Thill

It’s truly incredible to witness a teenager embracing a more traditional approach in an era dominated by smartphones, iPads, and high-tech gaming systems. Luke shares his journey on his YouTube channel, shedding light on his motivation to construct his own small house as a response to boredom.

With careful planning and considerable research, Luke spent a year gathering the funds and materials for his project. From mowing lawns to online fundraisers, he hustled to make his dream a reality. Collaborating with an electrically inclined friend, Luke bartered his services in exchange for help with the electrical work, showcasing a spirit of mutual support.

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Environmentally conscious, Luke incorporated about 75% recycled materials into his project, utilizing items from his grandma’s house and receiving a front door as a gift from his uncle’s friend. The result is an 89-square-foot haven, 10 feet in length and 5 ½ feet wide, equipped with electricity but lacking plumbing amenities.

Facebook/Luke Thill

In Luke’s own words, “I liked the minimalism, and I wanted to have a house without a huge mortgage.” His YouTube channel is filled with short videos documenting his project, attracting curiosity and admiration from viewers interested in his motivation and journey.

Facebook/Luke Thill

While Luke received support from his parents in both building and financial aspects, his dad, Greg, emphasized the importance of Luke taking responsibility for most expenses. Greg sees this project as an opportunity for his son to engage in something beyond video games and sports, imparting valuable life lessons.

Luke’s teenage dream house is a sanctuary, complete with a microwave, TV, loft with a bed, and even a BBQ in the backyard. It serves as a perfect retreat for him to unwind and have his own space. Luke diligently completes his homework in the little house after school, occasionally spending the night there.

Already envisioning his next project—a slightly larger house for his college years—Luke aims to inspire other kids with his achievements. He states, “I want to show kids it’s possible to build at this age.” Luke’s story stands as a testament to what a clear goal, determined work ethic, and parental support can help a motivated child achieve.

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