Handsome and successful and 16 years younger: Naomi Campbell does not separate from this famous guy and they say – never happier

Friends close to the renowned model note the evident chemistry she shares with the esteemed multimillionaire, adding that there’s an undeniable connection between them. Naomi Campbell (53) has adopted a notably more discreet approach to her personal life in recent years, having secretly welcomed two children—a daughter and son—without disclosing details about their fathers. However, rumors swirl of a newfound romance as she steps out publicly with her latest partner.

The model has been spotted on multiple occasions with film producer Mohammed al Turki, 37, a well-known Saudi tycoon. Their most recent public appearance together was at the BAFTA Awards in London earlier this month, where they graced the red carpet hand in hand before spending the evening side by side, as reported by The Sun. Allegedly longtime acquaintances, Naomi and Al Turki have seemingly forged a deeper bond, with Mohamed even sharing a snapshot with the supermodel on Instagram in 2021.

Their companionship has been witnessed at various high-profile events, including Paris Fashion Week in both 2022 and 2023, numerous exclusive soirées, and the Cannes Film Festival last year. Notably, Al Turki was seated beside Naomi at her birthday celebration in France last year.

“Naomi is extremely discerning about who she allows into her inner circle, and she’s grown closer to Mohamed,” revealed an unnamed insider to The Sun. “Their shared passion for fashion and art has brought them together, along with a mutual circle of friends. Naomi accompanied him to Dubai and appears to be more content than ever,” the source added.

“They spend ample time together, and there’s an undeniable chemistry between them, whether it’s simply friendship for now or something more.” In the past, Naomi Campbell has been romantically linked with a diverse array of celebrities, including rappers Skepta and Diddy, former One Direction member Liam Payne, and reportedly actor Robert de Niro. Other rumored relationships include those with Gerard Butler, Terrence Howard, Mike Tyson, and Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin.

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