Gorilla spends final moments hugging man who rescued her as baby

Ndakasi, a young gorilla, was just a vulnerable two-month-old when she was rescued back in 2007, deep within the wilderness of the Congo. Her salvation came at the hands of the dedicated individuals at Virunga National Park, who discovered her alongside her mother, who had sadly fallen victim to poacher-inflicted injuries.

Facebook/Virunga National Park

Upon her arrival at the sanctuary, Ndakasi found a guardian in the form of Andre Bauma, a compassionate caregiver determined to shield her from harm. During stormy nights, he would cradle her in his arms, providing comfort and reassurance.

Facebook/Virunga National Park

Under the care of Andre and other devoted individuals, this young gorilla embarked on a journey towards a better life. Thanks to their nurturing, she began to experience the beauty of existence.

In 2019, the internet was graced with touching photographs capturing the bond between Andre and Ndakasi. After 14 years of life, Ndakasi, sadly, departed from this world, succumbing to the inevitable grasp of illness. Sometimes, even the most valiant efforts cannot conquer disease.

Facebook/Virunga National Park

In her final moments, Ndakasi found solace with her best friend, Andre, and the other caring staff members. Their unwavering dedication undoubtedly enriched her life, making her years as special as they could possibly be.

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