From Solitude to Companionship: Rescued Horse Finds Friendship After 17 Years Alone

Taking time for oneself is a great way to recharge and reflect, but it’s important to remember that we all need companionship, and that’s especially true for animals.

The story of Gidget, a Suffolk Punch mare, is a powerful example of the importance of social interaction. For 17 years, Gidget lived alone in a basement stall with no human or animal contact. It’s a heartbreaking situation that undoubtedly left her feeling lonely day after day.

Despite having an owner who would feed her through a chute, Gidget yearned for a real connection. Thankfully, Mockingbird Farm Sanctuary learned of her plight and rescued her from a life of solitude.

When Gidget arrived at the sanctuary, she was overjoyed to be surrounded by other animals and finally had the opportunity to make friends. In fact, it didn’t take long for her to bond with the horse in the stall next to hers.

Though Gidget only had a year left to live at the time of her rescue, the sanctuary staff made sure she spent that time in happiness.

Unfortunately, when Gidget passed away, her friend Peggy was devastated. The emotional toll of losing her friend caused Peggy to fall into a depression, which ultimately manifested in a painful health condition called laminitis.

Despite efforts to introduce Peggy to other animals, it wasn’t until Bourbon, another mini horse, arrived at the sanctuary that she finally found some relief from her depression. Peggy and Bourbon have become the best of friends, spending their days together.

While Peggy’s health condition is ongoing, the sanctuary staff provides her with excellent care and attention. With her new friend by her side, there’s hope that Peggy will continue to find comfort and happiness in her surroundings.

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