Flight attendant was suspicious of a little girl and an elderly man, only to discover a three-word message in the bathroom after takeoff

On an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to San Francisco, flight attendant Shelia Frederick noticed a man and a young woman boarding, sparking her concern. The girl appeared less well-dressed and avoided making eye contact.

Throughout the flight, Shelia couldn’t shake her worries about the girl. Eventually, she hatched a daring plan to help the young passenger in potential distress.

During the in-flight service, Shelia wanted to make eye contact with the girl and share her concerns. She confided in a colleague, and together, they worked to divert the man’s attention while Shelia tried to communicate with the girl.

Finally, the girl looked up, revealing a sadness in her eyes. Shelia devised a clever plan, locking one of the plane’s toilets and placing a piece of paper and a pencil inside. She intended to unlock it only for the girl. With her colleague engaging the man’s attention, Shelia discreetly signaled the girl about the locked toilet and mimed writing.

Fortunately, the girl seized the opportunity to use the restroom. While the man waited outside, Shelia insisted on staying inside to watch over them. The girl found a note in the toilet saying, “I need help,” which prompted Shelia to take immediate action.

Shelia informed the pilot, who coordinated with ground control to have authorities meet the man upon landing. The brave flight attendant’s story is shared in a video where she emphasizes the importance of being vigilant and trusting one’s intuition.

Over the years, Shelia stayed in touch with the young woman she rescued from potential human trafficking. According to reports, the girl is now attending college, highlighting the positive impact of Shelia’s courageous intervention.

Shelia Frederick’s story serves as a powerful reminder to “see something, say something.” Her bravery and quick thinking made a lasting difference in someone’s life, emphasizing the importance of trusting one’s instincts and taking action.

Share this story to inspire others to be vigilant and honor the courageous Shelia Frederick as a role model for all.

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