Flight attendant finds secret note in airplane toilets that reads “I need help” – immediately calls police

For many, air travel is synonymous with pleasant experiences tied to exciting vacations. However, not everyone perceives it through the same lens. Shelia Fredrick, a seasoned flight attendant, has become accustomed to handling challenging situations with passengers over the years. Little did she anticipate that one particular flight from Seattle to San Francisco would unfold into a life-changing encounter.

While navigating the plane, Shelia observed an unusual scenario—a blonde girl in disheveled attire seated beside an elderly man dressed rather elegantly. As she passed by, the girl’s intense gaze caught Shelia’s attention, conveying a sense of urgency that left a profound impact.

“I had a strange feeling about this girl. I sensed that something was amiss. The stark contrast in their attire heightened my suspicion,” reflected Shelia, recognizing the incongruity.

Determined to investigate further, Shelia attempted to engage the man in conversation, but his defensive demeanor raised additional concerns. A mature man paired with a significantly younger, oddly dressed girl triggered alarm bells.

“I had an instinct that something was off. His reactions were disproportionate to the surroundings, and I felt compelled to intervene swiftly and potentially save a life.”

Taking a strategic approach, Shelia discreetly placed a pen and paper in the airplane restroom, hoping the girl would utilize them if she needed assistance. Signaling the girl during another pass, Shelia discreetly communicated for her to visit the restroom.

Upon returning, Shelia discovered a note that simply stated, “I need help.”

Without hesitation, she promptly contacted the authorities. Upon landing, the police were ready to apprehend the man.

Investigations revealed that the 14-year-old girl had fallen victim to human trafficking, having been abducted just two months prior.

In response to such alarming incidents, retired flight attendant Nancy Rivard established the Airline Ambassadors International organization. Dedicated to training flight attendants in identifying signs of human trafficking, they equip professionals like Shelia to recognize and respond to such situations more effectively.

Shelia, having encountered this harrowing reality, underwent training from the organization to enhance her ability to detect signs of human trafficking in the future.

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