Fisherman caught this giant goldfish in France

An astonishing aquatic marvel, weighing a whopping 67 pounds, has earned itself the endearing moniker “The Carrot.”

The fortunate fisherman who encountered this extraordinary goldfish in the serene Bluewater Lakes of Champagne, France, must have experienced a jaw-dropping moment.

The skilled angler responsible for this remarkable catch goes by the name of Andy Hackett, a 42-year-old adventurer hailing from Great Britain.

According to Andy, the epic battle to secure this colossal orange beauty lasted a grueling 25 minutes, a testament to the fish’s sheer size and strength.

In Andy’s skilled hands, lay a magnificent female koi carp, a true behemoth of the waters, boasting a staggering weight of 67.4 pounds.

Astoundingly, this majestic fish had called the pond home for a remarkable 15 years, thriving in its aquatic haven.

Andy confided to the Daily Mail that he was well aware of the presence of this incredible fish in the waters but had never truly anticipated the momentous event of actually capturing it.

Naturally, Andy couldn’t resist capturing a few cherished moments with this mesmerizing aquatic creature through a series of photographs before returning it to its watery sanctuary.

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