Farmer finds newborn calf freezing in the snow and saves his life with a hot tub

Extreme cold weather can be a challenging ordeal for both humans and animals alike. In a heartwarming incident on a snowy day, a compassionate farmer came to the rescue of a freezing animal in need.

Dean Gangwer is the proud owner of a farm teeming with animals in the idyllic town of Rossville, Indiana. One fateful day, Dean stumbled upon an unexpected and heart-rending sight on his farm. A cow had given birth, unbeknownst to him, and the newborn calf was left out in the snow, exposed to the biting cold. The calf’s condition was dire, with shallow breaths and tightly closed eyes.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Dean knew he had to act swiftly to save the fragile calf’s life. He hurried back to his home, where he had a hot tub, and resolved to use it as an impromptu rescue vessel.

Dean recounted his daring rescue to WRTV. With unwavering determination, he fully clothed himself and ventured into the soothing warmth of the hot tub, cradling the delicate calf to ensure it wouldn’t submerge in the water. For a whole hour, Dean and the shivering calf bathed in the comforting heat, gradually raising its body temperature and bringing it back from the brink of hypothermia.

Once the calf, who Dean affectionately named Leroy, had regained a healthy body temperature, Dean lovingly swathed him in cozy blankets to maintain the warmth. With his life saved and his strength returning, Leroy was soon ready to be reunited with his farm companions, thanks to the quick thinking and compassionate actions of his rescuer, Dean Gangwer.

Source: The Animal Club

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