Family discovers an unexpected animal napping on their porch

Discovering unexpected visitors outside your home can be a delightful surprise, especially when they happen to be adorable creatures. A recent incident in Wellington, New Zealand, left one family in awe when an unexpected animal made itself at home on their porch.

As shared in a post by New Zealand’s Department of Conservation on Facebook, a seal pup, identified as a New Zealand fur seal or kekeno, was found peacefully napping on a porch.

The journey of this adventurous seal was recounted in the post, describing how it had climbed seawall stairs, crossed roads, navigated footpaths and driveways, and finally ascended another set of stairs to reach its chosen nap spot.

“It’s not every day you come home to find a seal curled up on your front porch,” the Department of Conservation humorously remarked.

Despite their name, New Zealand fur seals are not true seals; they are more closely related to sea lions. This time of year, from May to September, is known as “seal silly season” in New Zealand.

During this period, young seal pups and adult males leave their colonies to explore the wider world. It’s not uncommon for these curious seals to be spotted in various locations, including roadways, public spaces, and even people’s homes.

The Department of Conservation emphasized that encountering seals in unexpected places is a normal part of their behavior during this season. Although some seals may appear skinny or unwell with weepy eyes and a cough, it’s reiterated that these animals are resilient and typically do not require rescuing.

Seals, during this time, primarily need rest rather than intervention.

However, the department advised that if a seal is found on private property, injured, or in danger, it is best to contact them for assistance. In the case of the seal found napping on the porch, a conservation officer promptly arrived and relocated the seal to a safer location, away from potential threats like dogs and traffic.

The heartwarming tale of the seal’s unexpected visit serves as a reminder of the wonders of nature that can be found just outside our doors. Share this charming story if you have a soft spot for animals and appreciate the beauty of unexpected wildlife encounters!

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