Dubbed “the most beautiful twins in the world:” this is what the Clements sisters look like today

The Charmed Journey of Twin Wonders: From Baby Beauties to Philanthropic Influencers

Awe-inspiring beauty is often recognized from the cradle, and these remarkable twin sisters were no exception. Born in 2010, their captivating blue eyes and golden locks set them apart as some of the most beautiful infants worldwide. Eleven years later, they continue to reign as the epitome of adorable children.

clementstwins via Instagram

Jaqi Clements, their mother, first realized the extent of her daughters’ beauty when strangers showered them with compliments from infancy. The constant admiration compelled Jaqi to contemplate the possibility of her twins entering the world of modeling.

At six months old, the twins were briefly enrolled in a modeling agency, but Jaqi, concerned about their tender age, decided to postpone their exposure to that lifestyle. As the years unfolded, the girls blossomed into even more stunning individuals, prompting Jaqi to revisit the idea of modeling.

clementstwins via Instagram

The turning point arrived at the age of seven, a year Jaqi deemed as propitious. Fueling their journey was an Instagram account, @clementstwins, initiated by their mother. The unexpected surge in followers, currently exceeding 1.8 million, caught the attention of numerous modeling agencies.

Now affiliated with two different agencies, the twins grace the pages of children’s clothing brands and magazines. Despite their unconventional lifestyle compared to their peers, the sisters express genuine love for their pursuits.

clementstwins via Instagram

Beauty seems to be a familial trait, extending beyond the twins to their handsome brother, who is a model himself. The parents, equally attractive, have undoubtedly played a role in the genetic lottery that bestowed such striking features upon their children.

Beyond the glitz of modeling, the twins leveraged their popularity to assist their father, Kevin, in his battle against leukemia and lymphoma. Their campaign for a bone marrow donor garnered immense support, eventually leading to a successful transplant surgery for Kevin.


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Even today, Leah and Ava utilize their Instagram platform to raise awareness about these types of cancers. Additionally, the dynamic duo collaborates with a nail polish company, channeling a portion of their earnings toward their cousin Shane, diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy at a young age.

This heartwarming tale not only showcases the twins’ journey from childhood beauties to influencers but also underscores their commitment to social causes. Share this inspiring story with your friends and celebrate the resilience and generosity of this extraordinary family.

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