Dog Spent 12 Years Chained Up In The Dirt, Wondering When His Day Would Come

Paws of Compassion responded to an urgent call concerning an elderly canine left tethered without sustenance or hydration.

Following the demise of his owner four years ago, the aging dog found himself in the care of an older individual who, unfortunately, proved neglectful, as reported by pet enthusiasts at ilovemydogsomuch.

Dubbed “Roger” by the compassionate rescuers, this 12-year-old dog was enduring severe skin complications, lacked teeth, and was coated in grime from the lack of a bath for an indeterminable duration.

Taking swift action, the rescue team transported Roger to the nearest veterinary facility, where he underwent comprehensive medical treatment.

The dedicated professionals addressed his skin issues and administered a long-overdue bath before placing him in the care of a nurturing foster home. Presently, Roger is undergoing a regimen to address anemia, intestinal parasites, as well as persistent skin and ear problems.

Surrounded by the affection and encouragement of his rescuers, veterinary personnel, and foster caregiver, Roger underwent a remarkable transformation, not only externally but internally as well.


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