Dog accidentally runs half-marathon after being let out for pee, finishes 7th

Participants in the Elkmont Trackless Train Half Marathon were treated to a remarkable and unexpected companion during the race.

Amidst the runners, Ludivine, a 2-year-old dog, spontaneously joined the marathon after taking a break for a bathroom break. Not only did Ludivine run alongside the human participants, but she also earned herself a well-deserved medal by finishing in seventh place.

Facebook/Elkmont’s Hound Dog Half

April Hamlin, Ludivine’s owner, expressed her astonishment at the canine’s unexpected success, especially considering Ludivine’s typical inclination towards laziness.

Facebook/Elkmont’s Hound Dog Half

Jim Clemens, one of the race participants, admitted to being repeatedly surprised by Ludivine’s determination. There were moments when he thought the dog had veered off or turned back, only to find her appearing next to him, consistently defying expectations.

Facebook/Elkmont’s Hound Dog Half

Ludivine’s adventurous spirit was evident as she would occasionally deviate from the race route to explore the surroundings before returning to the marathon.

Witnessing this unique and heartwarming story unfold, participants in the Elkmont Trackless Train Half Marathon experienced a race day like no other, with an enthusiastic canine participant leaving an indelible mark on the event.

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