Devoted wildlife keeper takes naps with four orphan bears to help them fall asleep

In a world where the love for wild animals, even those weighing over 1,500 pounds, remains a mystery to many, there exists a man dedicated to the well-being of his four beloved bears, willing to go to extraordinary lengths to ensure their comfort, even if it means sharing a nap beside them.

Jim Kowalczik, a lifelong animal enthusiast with a special affection for bears, has made it his life’s mission, alongside his wife, to establish The Orphaned Wildlife Center, a sanctuary that extends a helping hand to these magnificent creatures. Their journey began in 1990, and their impact on countless bears has been profound.

Amid all their noble work, Jim’s closest bonds have been formed with four remarkable bears under their care. Two are Kodiaks, and the other two are Syrian brown bears. Their journey together commenced nearly a decade ago, and their connection is nothing short of extraordinary.

The depth of their relationship is evident, transcending the boundaries that often separate humans from the wild. It’s clear that these bears hold a special place in Jim’s heart.

The trust and affection between Jim and his four great friends are unmistakable. They share many moments and engage in various activities together, with frolicking in the snow being a perennial favorite.

To witness the extraordinary connection between this dedicated animal lover and his bear companions, please take a moment to watch the video.

Source: Majestic Animals

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