DEATH AVOIDED IN A SPLIT SECOND! Dramatic scene in front of the shop (VIDEO)

A heart-stopping moment unfolded in Eugene, USA, as a man narrowly escaped a flying concrete saw that broke loose from a nearby construction site. According to reports from the “Kezi” portal, Shane Rimki had just entered a store when the terrifying incident occurred. As he closed the door behind him, a chainsaw came hurtling towards him, crashing into the storefront.

“I had just stepped inside the store when I heard a deafening crash and a scream. I barely had time to duck behind the counter,” recounted Rimki. Store owner Amit Grewal described feeling the impact reverberate throughout the entire establishment. The contractor responsible for the mishap suggested that the saw blade, measuring nearly a foot in length, may have dislodged due to a loose screw or operator error.

“I was in shock all night, trembling with fear inside the store! That thing was massive. It’s a miracle I’m still here. I don’t think I would have survived if it had made contact,” Rimki expressed, reflecting on the harrowing ordeal.

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