Cute German Shepherd is too sociable for the police, so they give him an even better job

Meet Gavel, the German Shepherd with a heart of gold who found his true calling after a surprising career change. Hailing from Queensland, Australia, Gavel was originally trained for police work, but his sociable nature didn’t quite fit the bill for the force. Instead of letting his talents go to waste, the authorities decided to give him a new role that would suit him perfectly.

Nowadays, Gavel holds the esteemed title of Vice-Regal Dog, residing in the prestigious Government House. This lovable pup’s journey from police recruit to government dignitary has captured the hearts of many, with people from all over following his story with enthusiasm.

Governor Paul de Jersey AC shared Gavel’s remarkable tale on social media, noting the positive reception he received during Open Day events. Gavel’s friendly demeanor makes him the perfect host, warmly welcoming guests to the Government House and spreading joy wherever he goes.

Despite the twists and turns in his life, Gavel has embraced his new role with gusto. As Vice-Regal Dog, he embodies the spirit of hospitality and companionship, delighting visitors and residents alike with his endearing personality.

In the end, Gavel proves that sometimes the best fit isn’t always the most obvious one. By embracing his sociable nature, he has found fulfillment and purpose in his new job, bringing happiness to all who have the pleasure of meeting him.

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