Customers rage over door sign, restaurant’s response is brilliant

In the realm of discounts, the veterans’ discount is a well-known gesture of appreciation. In our society, safety and order are maintained by the dedicated men and women of the police force, whose demanding and crucial job often goes unrecognized.

Recently, a KFC store in Ohio decided to step into the spotlight by extending a unique offer. The store, in a move that garnered various online reactions, instituted a policy allowing anyone dressed in a police uniform to dine for free, irrespective of the time or date. Initially conceived as a discount on chicken to express gratitude to local officers, the policy soon caught the attention of the online community.

The image of the store’s sign was shared on the Facebook page “Ohio Going Blue,” sparking numerous discussions and diverse viewpoints. While the post received over 10,000 likes and 6,000 shares, some questioned the necessity of such an offer to the police force. Commenters expressed the sentiment that officers might prefer not to receive special treatment and would rather pay for their meals themselves.

Admins of the Facebook page addressed the mixed reactions, emphasizing the positive nature of the post. One officer shared their perspective, stating that they don’t expect anything for free when in uniform and that many officers share this sentiment. The purpose of the post, they explained, was to highlight KFC’s acknowledgment of law enforcement. The debate also brought up the suggestion that other first responders should be acknowledged as well, to which the response was a resounding “ABSOLUTELY.”

Despite the media attention, the KFC store decided to keep the sign posted, considering it a salute to officers who put their lives at risk. It stands as a small yet meaningful gesture to let these officers know that their efforts are appreciated.

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