Curious bear tries to get inside lady’s house after smelling brownies baking

It was just another ordinary day in Avon, Connecticut, when a senior lady was engrossed in the joyful task of baking cakes. Little did she know that an unexpected visitor would soon make its presence known at her doorstep.

To her astonishment, a bear had ventured near her house, seemingly in search of a way to gain access.

Understandably, this encounter sent shivers down the elderly woman’s spine, prompting her to take swift action by reaching out to a nearby neighbor for assistance.

Bob Belfiore, the helpful neighbor, described how the bear made persistent attempts to access the house through various entry points, causing understandable concern.

Faced with this unusual situation, Neighbor Bob decided to contact the local authorities for assistance, as he felt ill-equipped to handle the situation on his own. Despite making noise and trying to deter the bear, it seemed impervious to these efforts.

Remarkably, the bear bore a tag, indicating some level of prior interaction with humans. However, the local police clarified that there hadn’t been any prior incidents or issues involving this particular bear. The situation, while undoubtedly unnerving, ultimately ended without any harm or major incident.

Source: The Dodo

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