Barbara Streisand and Whoopi Goldberg may be considering leaving the United States if certain political outcomes occur.

The acclaimed singer-actor, known for her bold opinions, has previously hinted at such a possibility. Her outspoken remarks reflect a history of criticism towards certain political figures and a commitment to transparent leadership. Recently, during an interview on “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert, Streisand reiterated her stance on potentially relocating if certain political events transpire.

Colbert, known for his probing questions, asked Streisand about her potential destination if she were to leave the country under specific leadership. In response, Streisand casually mentioned England as a possible destination, citing her fondness for the country. This statement echoes sentiments she expressed before the 2016 election, where she mentioned considering Canada or other countries as potential new homes if certain outcomes unfolded.

Despite her previous declarations, Streisand, like many other celebrities, ultimately chose to remain in the United States following the 2016 election, despite her reservations. Other notable figures, including Cher, Bryan Cranston, and Amy Schumer, also made similar promises but ultimately decided to stay in the country despite the outcome.

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