At least seven people are now missing and their fates are uncertain amid the murky waters

In a shocking turn of events, the night’s tranquility was shattered as the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore succumbed to chaos and disaster. A tall cargo ship collided with the bridge, causing a catastrophic collapse that swept multiple vehicles into the dark abyss of the Patapska River below.

Baltimore Fire Department spokesman Kevin Cartwright delivered grim news: At least seven people are now missing and their fates are uncertain amid the murky waters. What was once a routine trip now unfolds as a nightmare, a mass casualty event unfolding in the wee hours of the morning.

The extent of the destruction wrought on the bridge, a solid structure dating back to 1972 that spans a whopping three kilometers, remains obscured by the veil of dawn. The collision with the ship’s massive hull proved too much for the old pillars, ripping apart the metal framework in a deafening cacophony of destruction. As the vessel burst into flames and sank into the depths, chaos reigned.

“All lanes are closed in both directions due to the incident on the I-695 Key Bridge. Traffic is being detoured,” the Maryland State Transportation Authority announced, a grim testament to the disruption caused by this tragic event.

Synergy Marine Group, owner of the freighter Dali, issued a somber statement, acknowledging the collision with the iconic Francis Scott Key Bridge. Emergency response teams were quickly mobilized, but the scale of the disaster was already staggering.

Fortunately, in the midst of the chaos, there was a sliver of comfort: all crew members, including the ship’s two captains, were safely evacuated. Miraculously, there were no injuries among the ship’s crew.

However, as the dust settles and the water calms down, the search for the missing continues. Kevin Cartwright reiterated ongoing efforts to locate those missing following the bridge collapse, stressing the seriousness of the situation.

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