Alec Baldwin and his wife have ignited controversy with the name chosen for their seventh child

Alec Baldwin and his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, have recently welcomed their seventh child, but the joy of the new arrival is clouded by controversy surrounding the baby’s name and Hilaria’s previous claims of Spanish heritage, which have stirred skepticism.

Back in 2020, it was revealed that Hilaria, initially believed to be Spanish, is actually from Boston. This revelation led to doubts about her authenticity, especially after incidents like her apparent confusion over the English word for cucumber during an interview. Moreover, it emerged that she had previously gone by the name Hilary.

Now, with the birth of their seventh child, the Baldwins faced fresh criticism over the chosen name – ‘Ilaria Catalina Irena.’ Social media erupted with disapproval, with users questioning the authenticity of what they saw as a “Fake Spanish name from a Boston-born mom.” Some also raised concerns about the absence of American names, even for middle names, in the Baldwin children’s names.

The backlash extended to Hilaria’s ongoing efforts to embrace a Spanish identity, prompting speculation about the couple’s motivations and accusations of letting their fame dictate their actions. One commentator even suggested renaming her to “hilarious,” highlighting what they perceived as irony in Hilaria’s attempts to embody Spanish culture.

In December 2020, Hilaria addressed accusations of misrepresenting her Spanish heritage in an interview with the New York Times. She attributed the cucumber incident to nerves during an early live TV appearance and clarified the discrepancy in her agency’s bio. She explained that her name change from Hilary to Hilaria reflects what her Spanish family calls her, emphasizing her clear communication about her background.

This latest controversy reignites the debate about Hilaria Baldwin’s cultural identity and authenticity. The scrutiny surrounding the baby’s name adds fuel to the ongoing discussion, with opinions divided on whether the Baldwins’ choices reflect genuine celebration of their heritage or cultural appropriation. As Hilaria faces renewed public scrutiny, the conversation persists about the complexities of fame, identity, and public perception.

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