After Bruce Willis’ health problems, now his daughter is facing a difficult diagnosis: Another difficult diagnosis in the family of the famous actor

First, Bruce Willis faced health challenges, and now his daughter is also confronting a difficult diagnosis. Tallulah Willis, daughter of the famous actor, recently revealed that she has been diagnosed with autism in adulthood. Sharing an old video where she’s seen as a child playing with her father’s ears during an interview, Tallulah subtly hinted at her diagnosis, later confirming it explicitly in response to a comment.

The heartwarming moment captured in the video, where Bruce Willis affectionately interacts with his daughter despite being in the middle of an interview, touched many. It’s a poignant contrast to Bruce’s current struggle with dementia, with the entire family rallying around him for support.

However, as Bruce’s condition deteriorated, Tallulah found herself overwhelmed, realizing she lacked the strength to provide the support he needed while also dealing with her own health issues. Alongside autism, Tallulah has battled depression, anorexia, ADHD, and borderline personality syndrome, with her autism diagnosis coming to light last summer.

Despite the challenges, Tallulah recently completed a stay in a rehabilitation center and is feeling better, determined to navigate life with her diagnosis. “My journey to healing is ongoing, and I recognize that treatment will be a lifelong commitment,” she shared.

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