A newborn aardvark has been born at Chester Zoo for the first time in its 90-year history

The excitement is palpable at the local zoo as they welcome their very first aardvark offspring into the world.

One fine day, dedicated conservationists were thrilled to spot a tiny aardvark nestled among its parents. Proud mom, Oni, at 8 years old, and dad, Koos, at 6 years old, are doing their part to nurture their precious addition.

The newborn, aptly named Dobby, for reasons that become quite apparent upon sight, is receiving attentive care from the diligent zookeepers. They are ensuring he receives nourishment and assistance in building his strength.

Originating from the heart of Africa, these remarkable creatures face significant threats due to habitat loss and hunting for their meat. Aardvarks, being nocturnal by nature, possess an impressive 25-centimeter-long, sticky tongue, which aids them in effortlessly capturing ants.

This particular aardvark holds a special place in the zoo’s history as the first of its kind to be born within its confines. Much of the aardvark’s life remains veiled in the shroud of the night, leaving many mysteries yet to be uncovered.

With hope in their hearts, the zoo staff looks forward to the possibility of more aardvark births in the future, ensuring the continued wonder and presence of these unique creatures within their sanctuary.

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