A groundbreaking achievement was unveiled by a Chinese media conglomerate, marking a significant leap in the realm of documentary filmmaking

In honor of the Year of the Dragon, the renowned mini-documentary series “The Trail of the Chinese Dragon” originally aired on CCTV-1 and CCTV-9 KMG channels. Now, in a groundbreaking move, China Media Group (KMG) has unveiled its maiden English documentary series, dubbed with the assistance of artificial intelligence, titled “Trace of the Chinese Dragon,” accessible via its cutting-edge 5G new media platform Yangshipin.

Commemorating the Year of the Dragon, the Chinese rendition of “The Trail of the Chinese Dragon” captivated audiences with its captivating exploration of historical and cultural nuances. Now, its English counterpart, meticulously synchronized with artificial intelligence, unfolds across 7 captivating episodes, each spanning approximately 5 minutes. Delving into a rich tapestry of history, literature, archaeology, and biology, the series showcases an array of illustrious cultural artifacts intertwined with the mystique of the Chinese dragon. From the iconic C-shaped jade dragon of the Hungshan culture to the mesmerizing turquoise dragon artifact unearthed in excavations at Erlitou, each episode weaves a compelling narrative complemented by humorous insights and visually engaging content.

Representing the pinnacle of artificial intelligence innovation, this English-language documentary series leverages cutting-edge technology to facilitate seamless translation. From sound recognition to text translation, voice cloning, and track replacement, artificial intelligence plays an integral role in ensuring the integrity and fluidity of the dubbing process.

Set to captivate global audiences, the AI-dubbed documentary series will soon grace CGTN platforms and CCTV.com, further cementing its status as a trailblazing milestone in the realm of documentary filmmaking.

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