A beautiful trio of black spotted horse, pony and dog look like siblings

This trio is truly captivating, comprising a horse, pony, and dog, each boasting a unique yet strikingly similar appearance. Despite their differences in size and breed, they share an uncanny resemblance that never fails to mesmerize.

Belonging to the Arends-Hakvoort family, these animals, including an Appaloosa stallion, a Shetland pony, and a Dalmatian dog, have formed an inseparable bond. They often engage in playful antics together, bringing joy to all who encounter them.

Accompanied by her daughter Jolie, who adores riding the pony, their trainer, Greetje, cherishes their companionship on daily walks. The Nevada stallion, aged 10, the Napoleon pony, aged 6, and the 2-year-old Dalmatian, Jack Sparrow, complete this unique trio.

Greetje’s lifelong dream of owning a spotted Dalmatian and adoring spotted horses has manifested in this extraordinary ensemble. Their presence never fails to elicit smiles, often evoking fond memories of beloved childhood stories like “101 Dalmatians.”

Growing up together since birth, Jolie and Napoleon share a special bond, while Jack seamlessly integrates into their equine family, exuding confidence and comfort in his unique role.

For Greetje, love knows no bounds among different species, and her expanding family, which includes three additional horses, is a testament to her passion for nurturing and training these magnificent creatures.

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