92-year-old retired vet dedicates his life to making wheelchairs for disabled dogs

Animals that have faced life’s challenges and disabilities are now leading much happier lives, all thanks to a dedicated citizen with an extraordinary mission.

Meet Lincoln Parkes, a remarkable 92-year-old who spends his days crafting custom strollers for dogs that have had a rough time in life. His heartwarming efforts bring joy to the lives of distressed dogs in the town of Chesapeake Bay.

Dr. Parkes, who practiced as a veterinarian for many years, has dedicated over six decades of his selfless life to the creation of mobility aids for these innocent animals. Even after retiring from his veterinary career, his commitment to this noble cause remained unyielding. He set up a workshop not far from his home and continued to work, now from a wheelchair.

His journey began when he encountered a dog injured in a car accident, left unable to use its hind legs. Dr. Parkes stepped in to construct a K-9 stroller, thus giving a new lease on life to his furry friend. This marked the inception of Dr. Parkes’ lifelong endeavor, and in the 1960s, he established a shop dedicated to crafting these specialized dog strollers, all meticulously handcrafted by him.

Although veterinary medicine was his primary vocation, his passion for this work soon took precedence. Dr. Parkes now dedicates his days to fashioning unique carts for these special animals, a calling he considers a great privilege. There’s an indescribable beauty in witnessing the sheer happiness on the face of a small dog given a new lease on life through his ingenious creations.

To Dr. Parkes, it’s all about love and the joy of providing a fresh start for these little creatures. He likens their newfound mobility to a child gaining independence. The strollers grant them a level of freedom they’ve never known, allowing them to rely on their front legs and, in the process, rekindle their spirit.

For Dr. Parkes, this is his sole form of retirement. At the end of each day or in the early hours of a new one, usually around midnight, he finds himself retiring once more. However, he cherishes every moment of it, taking immense pleasure in helping dogs in such a unique and wonderful way.

Over the years, competition has emerged, leading to a decline in the sales of Parkes’ strollers. He used to employ others to assist in cart production, but now, he handles every aspect of the process personally.

Each order can be a labor-intensive affair, often taking several days to complete, with meticulous attention paid to every detail, from joining the foils to crafting the aluminum pipes. Yet, Dr. Parkes remains undeterred, always working toward his goal of creating even better and more functional strollers, with the hope of increasing sales.

The inception of K-9 Carts marked a significant turning point in the lives of these animals, offering them a newfound sense of independence. Dr. Parkes takes great care to ensure each stroller is tailored to the specific needs of the individual dog he meets along the way.

At 92 years old, age is merely a number for Dr. Parkes. His unwavering determination and clear intentions drive him to continue working and enhance the lives of countless dogs.

His work is a testament to his inspiring spirit, and in addition to the countless lives he has touched by crafting wheelchairs, he has also saved many lives throughout his veterinary career. Dr. Parkes’ remarkable dedication to these innocent animals is a source of admiration and inspiration for people worldwide.

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