79-year-old Jagger proposed to his girlfriend: Here is the young partner of Jagger

Iconic “The Rolling Stones” frontman, Mick Jagger, has recently taken a romantic leap by proposing to his girlfriend, Melanie Hamrick.

The engagement ring he bestowed upon her exudes opulence and captivates with its stunning design.

The magical moment unfolded during the couple’s recent jaunt to New York, and ever since, Hamrick proudly adorns the dazzling ring, a constant symbol of their commitment.

Notably, she is also the mother of one of Jagger’s children.

An insider revealed, “She was at the American Ballet Theater, telling her friends she was engaged to him.

All of her friends are incredibly happy for her,” underscoring the joyous reception of their union within their social circles.

Their unconventional love story first made public appearances on a Zurich hotel balcony, marking the beginning of Jagger’s romance with Hamrick shortly after the tragic passing of his former girlfriend.

Hamrick, who has since given birth to the rock legend’s eighth child, has now ascended to the role of Jagger’s fiancée. The evolution of their relationship is as unique as it is heartwarming, demonstrating that love can bloom even in the face of life’s challenges.

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