A farmer found newborn “puppies” in a field: after a while it dawned on him that they were not puppies!

This unusual story about a man who was convinced he had found little puppies became a real internet sensation. It is not the first time that uninvited guests have moved into his ranch, and this is generally common among people who live in the countryside. The untouched nature produces a variety of wild animals that come in search of food or shelter.
While working on his farm, a Chinese farmer named Shimoda could not have known that his uninvited guests would one day become the first internet wonder!

The narrow path that separated his property from the nearby forest was surrounded by thick, tall grass, and from these bushes he heard strange noises. He decided to go there immediately and see what was going on. Cautiously, he approached the bush, because all kinds of wild animals could be hiding there. But quite the opposite, he saw newborn puppies!
The little creatures were pinned together and their resemblance to puppies is unbelievable, so they fooled the man who was convinced he had found his hunting dog’s puppies.

He immediately took care of them, put some hay under them, and since his mother was not even in sight, he took care of them. He came every day to visit the little puppies. He was very attached to them and could not leave them alone.
After a few weeks, the puppies were already starting to grow, but what the man noticed about their appearance shocked him! Their muzzles did not look like dogs at all, nor did the rest of their bodies.
After consulting a vet, they realised that they were little rabbits!

So this nice story went around the world and Shimoda continued to take care of his now good friends, the rabbits.

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